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Singleton PR aviation team attend Aviation Club UK lunch

The Singleton PR Aviation PR team attended a lunch today with oneworld CEO Rob Gurney at the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall.

oneworld is the world’s most highly prized global airline alliance and its members operate 13,800 daily departures – equivalent to a take-off or landing every three seconds around the clock – serving 1,014 airports in 159 territories.

Their combined fleet now stands at some 3,500 aircraft, with member airlines employing a total workforce of more than 400,000 worldwide. Passengers boarded by oneworld member airlines have more than tripled – from 177 million a year to 557 million, equivalent to more than the population of the European Union.

oneworld CEO Rob Gurney noted: “Many millions of those passengers fly on multi-sector journeys requiring transfers between two or more oneworld member airlines – and this is really what oneworld, or indeed any global alliance, is all about: connecting airline networks together to make it as smooth and as easy as possible for customers to reach many, many more places than any one airline can on its own.”

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Aviation Club UK lunch